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Colombia's Vice-President Marta Lucia Ramirez denounced as "sexist, racist, macho and misogynist" the words of the latest music video by reggaeton superstar J Balvin, which features black women dressed as four-legged animals .

In this clip released on September 7 with the Dominican rapper Tokischa, the Colombian star there "holds on a leash two women of African origin crawling on the ground like animals or slaves", denounced Mrs. Ramirez, also Minister of Foreign Affairs. , in a statement released Tuesday.

For the conservative vice-president, this new title from the reggaeton singer, one of the most listened to Latino artists in the world, undermines the dignity of women.

"The lyrics of the song are sexist, racist, sexist and misogynist, directly and overtly. They violate the rights of women by comparing them to an animal to be dominated and mistreated," said Ms. Ramirez.

The five-time Latin Grammy Award winner, a fair-skinned mixed race, is the main protagonist of the clip in which he walks and dances among dozens of blacks in a poor neighborhood.

- "Purebred popola" -

We see him leaving for this "underground world", according to his expression, where he declaims his words alongside two black women disguised as dogs, in tight lingerie and crawling at his feet, all in the middle of a naked crowd, with suggestive and hyper sexualized gestures.

"You are a bitch in heat and you are looking for a dog to stick to," explains the 36-year-old musician in a chorus.

"I am a street slut with a purebred popola (vagina)", responds in chorus the rapper Tokischa, between two swaying and tongue games, coming out, like a canine, from a niche to eat in her bowl, in bodysuit and string.

The song has so far achieved nearly ten million views on YouTube in just over a month.

J Balvin, whose real name is José Osorio, has not reacted publicly, as has Tokischa.

For her part, the conservative vice-president, first woman vice-president of Colombia, invited the artist "and the music and recording industry to sign a pact that includes various commitments for the promotion of women's rights in the music".

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