She calls for teaching people to grow their own food to end hunger

Ain Expo.. Maryam Al-Junaibi from the Food Corridor: Together.. we will be “Sustainability Ambassadors”

  • Maryam Al-Junaibi: “With everyone’s cooperation, new opportunities will be created for the population and the eradication of hunger by 2030.”


Emirati engineer, Maryam Al-Junaibi, chose organic farming for her project, for the sake of change and achieving sustainability from her personal perspective.

Her story began with the world of organic agriculture, since she specialized in the field of agricultural business management at the UAE University, then gained her experience from the Ministry of Climate Change and the Environment, and trained with the largest experts in the field of agriculture, especially in the field of organic and sustainable agriculture.

After this experience in the field of agricultural engineering, Al-Junaibi decided to settle in her business and set up her own company, which deals with the establishment of organic and sustainable farms.

The "Opportunities" pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai presents the story of Maryam Al-Junaibi, who works to provide the best solutions in the field of agriculture, as well as to secure agricultural materials that suit the environment of the UAE.

The idea of ​​her work was inspired by a special application for farmers and agricultural technology, and from international agricultural standards, and I proceeded to transfer these experiences to spread the culture of sustainability in agriculture in the UAE.

Al-Junaibi puts at the forefront of its goals the contribution to achieving food security, and believes that achieving this goal can only be achieved by creating community awareness in the agricultural field, and teaching people how to grow their own food.

Al-Junaibi gives a set of tips on sustainable agriculture in a number of videos that show her experience in the world of opportunities, and directs visitors to the "Expo" about the possibility of doing this farming in the garden, school, or anywhere.

As for positive change in society, Al-Junaibi finds that it is important in order to create new opportunities for all, which requires cooperation from all countries, where people can be “ambassadors of change and sustainability” through small steps, and with the cooperation of everyone, new opportunities will be created for the population in 2030 and end hunger by this year.

And Maryam Al-Junaibi’s experience on organic farming is complemented with a set of successful stories in the world of agriculture in the UAE. The “Opportunity Pavilion” in the food corridor reviews the experiences of Emirati farmers who have succeeded in organic farming, including the experience of Engineer Mansour Al-Mansoori, who specializes in palm cultivation and date production since For more than 30 years, he has worked in the field of research and development of palm trees, especially pre-harvest research.

The pavilion also presented the experience of Jamal Al Muhairi, who loves agriculture, and worked on launching the “Sustainable Agriculture House” project, and works on systems that save water by more than 50% without using electrical energy, and it is easy to maintain, and children can use it and allows learning to farm.

Also presented in the pavilion is the experience of German Aline, who worked on a group of plants that can be grown in this soil in the UAE, and the experience of Fadel Nasser Al-Saadi, who works on the production of honey from multiple types of local trees.

Objectives of the United Nations

The Opportunities Pavilion presents the set of goals set by the United Nations, which aims to eradicate hunger and secure a sustainable life in 2030. It is summarized in 17 goals, namely: eradicating poverty, eliminating hunger, good health and well-being, quality education, gender equality, water Clean, Hygiene, Clean and Affordable Energy, Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure, Reducing Inequality, Sustainable Cities and Communities, Responsible Consumption and Production, Climate Action, Life Underwater, Life on Land, Peace, Justice, Strong Institutions, and Partnerships To achieve the goals.

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