Finland showcases its innovations with snow in the desert and CO2 coffee

Ain Expo .. “Happy Future” pavilion: Smile, as you are in an elevator that reads feelings

  • The facade of the suite is distinguished by its designs that combine simplicity and elegance.

    Photography: Najeeb Mohamed


Between experiencing a moody elevator, carbon dioxide coffee, and a snow tent that mimics desert tents, the Finnish Pavilion in the Sustainability District offers intriguing exploration adventures, which are accompanied by not only a serene getaway experience, but a list of unexpected surprises Dedicated by the aesthetics of the beautiful nature of Finland, and a review of its most important innovations in various fields of education, technology, environment, sustainable energy, health, well-being and quality of life.

The excitement begins in the pavilion from the facade of the pavilion, which dedicates an interesting artistic experience to the visitors’ interest, with its exterior designs that combine simplicity and endless elegance, which mimic the vocabulary of traditional Nordic architecture and their very cold climates, with the Arab tent designs consisting of “snow”, which he called The name "Snow Cape" or "Lumi" ("snow") in Finnish, embodies the combination of its makers between the snow cover that adorns Finland in winter and the culture of the UAE, host of Expo 2020 Dubai, and the fruitful cooperation between them.

In geometric simplicity, and in welcoming terms of a 'happy future', the Finnish Pavilion takes visitors through a quiet wooden walkway into the suite's central courtyard to explore further and enjoy a truly serene sanctuary.

While the main theme of the pavilion revolves around Finland's participation in "the happiness of the future", which is based on the values ​​of tolerance and peaceful coexistence among all in a unified framework of respect for nature, and the stakes on technology in the progress of nations.

This close connection appears as a pillar of "quality of life" from Finland's point of view, through this concept that the pavilion strongly reflects from the inside, by taking guests on an interesting journey that introduces them to the main advantages of this country, which are: nature, sustainability, education, skill, and efficiency Performance, well-being, quality of human life and the values ​​of their preservation.

The pavilion also displays the experiences of the successes of leading Finnish companies in various fields, most notably the circular economy and sustainable use of resources, in addition to the fields of sustainable energy, digital solutions, mobile communications, machinery, education and health.

The pavilion provides an opportunity to take a closer look at the technological development and vital areas that provide more opportunities for life and improve its quality.

The idea of ​​the pavilion revolves around the future theme of “Sharing Happiness”, which is embodied through a series of installations that simulate the country’s successful experiences in various human sectors, highlighted by the lighting installations changing degrees and colors based on the themes of stories told by the screens, which testify to Finland’s experiences in vital social fields and what Availability of services to help face life's challenges and improve its quality.

The suite also features a smart elevator that changes shades based on the feelings of the visitor. If the person feels happy, the color of the elevator turns pink and purple, but if the person wants to go up or down, he will not have to press the buttons because the elevator is connected to the smart watch or the person's mobile phone. He was ready to head to the ground floor to pick him up from the parking lot and direct him towards his floor without any effort.

• “Snow Cape” embodies the snow cover in Finland in winter and the culture of the UAE, which is hosting “Expo 2020 Dubai”.

• A list of unexpected surprises that are dedicated to the beautiful nature aesthetics of Finland in the pavilion.

amazing experiences

The Finnish pavilion includes many rich artistic experiences that provide comfort to individuals, most notably the robot waiting to help its guests, or the surprising life experiences under the snow, or the “carbon dioxide” coffee, which visitors release to operate the coffee machine in the pavilion, to prepare a cup Authentic Finnish coffee.

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