11 October 2021 "At the moment a hypothesis of obligation for the third anti-Covid dose is not on the table. In general, there is no taboo regarding the obligation to vaccinate and the government has already foreseen it for some categories, but in the in the meantime we have decided to start a process giving confidence to citizens who have shown great willingness to vaccinate and we are currently continuing on this path ". So at ANSA the Undersecretary of Health Andrea Costa. "Then it is clear that if in the coming weeks we are faced with binding problems, then it will be possible to evaluate specific obligations for specific categories, but today it is not the topic".

According to Costa, "fueling the debate on the vaccination obligation does not help to convince citizens who are still undecided. More useful - he said - is instead to try to dialogue with these citizens and make them understand the validity of vaccines through scientific evidence". In fact, "vaccination with two doses was not mandatory either. We chose the path of relying on the sense of responsibility of the citizens who, I think, have amply demonstrated the broad support and the numbers of the vaccination campaign say so. Also for the third dose. - underlined the undersecretary - we are confident that there will be an awareness on the part of the citizens ".

As for future choices, "we will make them in the face of any critical issues that may arise, but to date I believe that citizens deserve trust and the government's approach at the moment will still be this. At the moment, therefore, an hypothesis of obligation is not on the table. for the third dose ".