China News Service, Wuxi, October 11 (Reporter Sun Quan) Shen Changyu, Director of the State Intellectual Property Office of China, stated at the 17th China (Wuxi) International Design Expo on the 11th that China is accelerating its accession to the World Intellectual Property Organization’s Industrial Appearance The Hague Agreement on the International Registration of Designs actively integrates into the global system of industrial designs, and promotes "Chinese creativity", "Chinese design" and "Made in China" to the world.

  According to Shen Changyu, design changes life, and creativity needs to be protected.

In order to continue to stimulate people's creative enthusiasm, China has been increasing the protection of all kinds of intellectual property rights, including designs, in recent years.

  At the system level, the newly revised "Patent Law of the People's Republic of China" officially implemented on June 1 this year extended the protection period of design patents from 10 years to 15 years, and added related systems such as partial design patent protection. Increased the protection of design patents.

  At the same time, in accordance with the characteristics of the appearance design, the establishment of a rapid collaborative protection mechanism is actively promoted from the mechanism.

At present, 28 rapid rights protection centers have been established in China, covering many fields such as auto parts, green home furnishings, modern clothing, etc., to carry out rapid protection of appearance designs that integrates rapid authorization, rapid confirmation, and rapid rights protection, which is a great contribution to the public. Provide convenient, efficient, and low-cost rights protection channels, and continue to protect and stimulate people's enthusiasm for innovation and creativity.

  “While strengthening domestic protection, we are also constantly increasing international protection cooperation. Because creativity is endless and innovation knows no borders, humans’ pursuit of beauty is interlinked.” Shen Changyu said that China is accelerating its accession to the Hague Agreement. In November of this year, the annual meeting of the heads of the ID5 Design Bureau of China, the United States, Europe, Japan and South Korea (ID5) will also be held in China. The results are better protected, and various products are better circulated.

Realize the simple desire and pursuit of "the beauty of each, the beauty of the beauty, and the beauty of each other" on a global scale.