He is giving a concert on the 30th of this month

Expo events.. Amr Diab in "Jubilee Park".. Date with the most beautiful songs of "The Plateau"

  • Amr Diab's concert is organized in cooperation with the Egyptian pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai.

    Photography: Ashok Verma


The star, Amr Diab, will perform at the Jubilee Park at Expo 2020 Dubai, according to a statement issued yesterday by PepsiCo, the official beverage and snack partner at the World Expo.

The audience will be on a date with the most beautiful songs of "The Plateau" on October 30, as Amr Diab will present his most famous songs in the greatest event in the world.

On this occasion, Mustafa Shams El-Din, Chief Marketing Officer for Africa, Middle East and South Asia at PepsiCo, said: “We are pleased to gather the audience of music lovers from around the world to offer a unique and fun-filled experience at (Expo 2020 Dubai), where we welcome the public to learn about We are very close to the beauty of the region, its richness of talent and its cultural diversity, and we are proud of our partnership with the Egyptian pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai, with the star Amr Diab, this cooperation sums up the ancient history and the bright future of (pop) culture in Egypt.”

As part of its continuous quest to support creative talent and artistic expression, Pepsi is working to draw more smiles at Expo 2020 Dubai, by taking people on an exciting musical discovery journey, with star Amr Diab, characterized by its richness in sights and sounds.

PepsiCo has a rich legacy in the world of music, culminated in its decades-long collaboration with the most prominent stars from the region and the world, and today it is proud to collaborate with Al Hadaba to celebrate the most important event in the Arab world.

This concert is one of a group of international concerts that are scheduled to be performed by artists from different geographical regions during the "Expo 2020 Dubai".

The public who hold Expo tickets will be able to attend the ceremony, knowing that places are limited and there is no prior reservation.