Virginie Riva, edited by Laura Laplaud 7:08 am, October 11, 2021

A year after the assassination of Samuel Paty, the Ministry of National Education wants a tribute to be paid to the history-geography teacher in all schools on October 15, the eve of the first anniversary of his death.

A plaque in honor of the teacher will be unveiled on Saturday.


A minute of silence, candles to light ... In several schools and establishments, a tribute will be paid Friday to Samuel Paty, professor of history and geography assassinated on October 16, 2020 in Conflans-Sainte-Honorine.

"Schools and establishments will be able to organize a time of meditation in memory of Samuel Paty, and devote one hour of lessons on Friday, October 15 to a time of exchanges, the content of which will be left to the choice of the teams according to their respective situations and taking into account in particular the age of the students ", explains a note from Jean-Michel Blanquer to the attention of academy rectors, dated October 6.

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A time of meditation and discussion

Some principals have already prepared everything for a week, like Sylvie Pénicaud, principal in Nice. "We are going to organize something in a room that will be freely accessible. We made a video montage that will include the photo of Samuel Paty, the tribute that was paid by Mr. Macron in the courtyard of the Sorbonne and a clip that is produced by our plastic arts and dance students. "

As the note from the Ministry of National Education indicates, during the day a second highlight will be devoted to the dialogue between students and teachers on the subject of the assassination of this teacher.

"With a final year class, we can start from the way in which, last year, they had experienced and felt the assassination of our colleague Samuel Paty", comments Christine Guimonet, professor of history and geography.

"Also try to see if they are aware of what it can mean for their history and geography teacher to have one of his colleagues who has been murdered in conditions which are absolutely appalling." 


- Emmanuel Macron will receive Samuel Paty's parents on October 16

During her course, this teacher also intends to discuss secularism, freedom of expression and training in critical thinking.

The Ministry of National Education will unveil a plaque on Saturday, in honor of Professor Paty and in the presence of his family.

The stele in memory of the teacher, which is to be erected in front of the college where he taught in Conflans-Sainte-Honorine, will be unveiled later.