Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, October 11 (Reporters Gao Rui, Zhang Jiaoying) Joining the National Cyber ​​Security Promotion Week to enter the military camp, the launch ceremony of the 2021 Barracks Cyber ​​Security Promotion Week will be held online on the 11th in a certain naval aviation department.

  The propaganda week activity is based on the theme of “Civilized Internet and safe use of the Internet to govern the Internet in accordance with the law, and jointly build and share a clear and bright military-related network environment”. The focus is on the in-depth publicity and implementation of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important thoughts on cyber power and the four adherence to cyber security work. "The important instructions", in-depth publicity and implementation of the Cyber ​​Security Law, "Military Internet Media Management Regulations," and other laws, regulations and policy documents, organize officers and soldiers to learn network media knowledge, network confidentiality and security protection knowledge, and master common sense of preventing network leaks and network fraud. As well as the skills to avoid network traps, educate and guide officers and soldiers to deeply understand the role of network security in the cause of strengthening the country and the army, and ensure the purity and consolidation of the troops, as well as security and stability.

  At the launching ceremony, the responsible comrades of the Cyber ​​Public Opinion Bureau of the Political Work Department of the Central Military Commission and the Security Bureau of the Political and Legal Committee introduced that military camp cybersecurity is an important part of national cybersecurity, related to political security and ideological security, and related to the construction of military combat effectiveness; Since the establishment of Cyber ​​Security Promotion Week in 2020, it has had a profound impact on the promotion of the army’s efforts to govern the network and protect the network in accordance with the law, and to jointly create a safe, civilized and clear military cyberspace; the whole army will carry out military cybersecurity publicity. Weekly activities are an opportunity to promote the normal implementation of cybersecurity publicity and education, and the end-to-end implementation.

A certain naval aviation department issued a proposal of "Improving Network Literacy and Strengthening the Army", and the "Learning to Strengthen the Army" APP broadcasted the entire launch ceremony on the cloud.

  Promotion week activities will continue until the 17th.

During the event, all levels of the military will focus on online activities, carry out various forms of military-civilian joint construction of cyber security and cyber civilization activities, organize officers and soldiers to participate in online security knowledge contests, confidential knowledge online answers, and invite military and local experts Enter the military barracks webcast room and military barracks classrooms to popularize cybersecurity knowledge.