From the 11th, the Diet will hold representative questions from each party regarding Prime Minister Kishida's statement of belief.

The Liberal Democratic Party has a policy of clarifying the contents of the new corona measures and economic policies, but the policies aimed at by the government and the ruling party, while the Constitutional Democratic Party has not seen any reflection on the Kishida administration so far, and nothing has changed. The ruling and opposition parties will begin a debate before the dissolution of the House of Representatives.

Prime Minister Kishida delivered his first statement of belief since taking office last week, saying that politics that earns trust and sympathy is necessary. He emphasized the realization of "new capitalism" that will lead to the growth of the government.

In response to this, the Diet will ask representative questions of each party in both Houses of Representatives for three days from the 11th, and on the 11th of the first day, Secretary General Amari of the Liberal Democratic Party and Representative Edano of the Constitutional Democratic Party will ask questions at the plenary session of the House of Representatives. increase.

In this, Secretary-General Amari asks for explanations on future policies and exit strategies for measures against the new coronavirus, as well as explanations of the economic recovery after the infection has subsided and the specific contents of the "new capitalism" that Prime Minister Kishida is aiming for. I have decided.

In addition, the policy is to ask opinions on the importance of economic security and the significance of establishing a new minister in charge.

On the other hand, Mr. Edano said that the Kishida administration did not reflect on the new corona response of the government and the ruling party and the Abenomics that widened the gap, and pursued the same as the Abe administration and the Suga administration. I am doing it.

The ruling and opposition parties have announced that Prime Minister Kishida will dissolve the House of Representatives on the 14th of this week, with a policy of appealing for political change while showing alternatives such as economic policies that give top priority to distribution through reforms of income tax and corporate tax. The debate begins.