Taiwan media: Taiwan recruits go to the toilet on the way to court for fraud and escape, the "gendarmerie" is dispatched to find someone

  [Global Network Comprehensive Reporting reporter Zhao Youping] A number of Taiwanese media such as "United News Network" and "ETtoday News Cloud" reported today that a 10-day-old man named Lin from the 153 brigade of Taiwan’s "Army Sixth Corps" was enlisted in the army. Involving a fraud case, at 8 o'clock in the morning of the 7th, accompanied by a cadre from the new training camp of the Taiwan Army, went to the New Taipei City Procuratorate to appear in court. The result took the opportunity to escape.

At present, the Taiwan military dispatched a "gendarmerie" to look for people urgently, and as of the morning of the 8th, there was still no man surnamed Lin.

  According to the report, a man named Lin, who belongs to the second-class soldier of the fifth battalion weapon company of the 153 brigade of the Sixth Army in Taiwan, will report on September 28 and will perform four months of military training.

He was suspected of fraud before serving and is expected to appear in court at the Xinbei District Procuratorate at 11:15 on the 7th.

  According to the report, it is understood that the new training camp cadres drove him out of the camp at 8 o'clock on the 7th after completing the early roll call. However, the car left the camp area less than 200 meters away. After going to the toilet in the convenience store, after he was allowed to get off the car, he did not expect that the man surnamed Lin would actually "urinate" and run away while going to the toilet in the convenience store.

The new training camp cadres waited less than 5 minutes to check in the toilet, but found that the man surnamed Lin was no longer there.

  According to the report, Taiwan’s “Sixth Army Command” confirmed that the man surnamed Lin was involved in the case before serving. He was accompanied by a cadre to the New Taipei City Prosecutor’s Office to appear in court yesterday morning. , And notified the "gendarmerie" to coordinate the search in accordance with the regulations.

At the same time, it said that it will continue to implement military law and discipline education, strengthen the concept of law-abiding by officers and soldiers, and confirm the reputation of the military.

  The report quoted people familiar with the matter as saying that the Taoyuan-born man surnamed Lin may have escaped back to Taoyuan. The current analysis is that he should go to his accomplices to study the case for this fraud case.

  According to reports, as of the morning of the 8th, no man surnamed Lin had been found.