Gyeonggi Governor Lee Jae-myung, who runs the Democratic Party, criticized Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon, saying, "If you are going to stop disclosing the fake sale price and do it, do it properly like Gyeonggi-do."

Governor Lee Jae-myung said on his Facebook page, "It's not as good as not reforming imitation."

Governor Lee said, "(As an example of imitation reform), the representative publicity of fake sale prices promoted by Mayor Oh in 2007 and promoted like a fortune-telling is representative." The data of the GH Gyeonggi Housing and Urban Corporation in 2020 is over 800 pages," he pointed out.

"Is it possible to protect the consumer's right to know by disclosing the cost of missing important information?" he said.

He continued, "Compared to other politicians, the power of the people who swamp unearned income and oppose the disclosure of the sale price with all kinds of sophistry, it can be seen that Mayor Oh made a big decision to disclose even poor data." Please make it public like Gyeonggi-do.”

Since last month, Governor Lee has been arguing over real estate policies by criticizing Mayor Oh's private redevelopment policy and Mayor Oh criticizing the development of Daejang-dong.