China News Service, October 8th. According to the Canadian "Sing Tao Daily" report, Ms. Li, a Chinese woman of Thornhill in Canada, has been missing for many days and has not been recovered. Her family is distraught.

Ms. Li’s daughter, 30-year-old Victoria, now understands that her mother is under tremendous pressure from work and family.

  Local media reported that Ms. Li disappeared at about 4:45 pm on September 29. Victoria, who lives in Toronto, said that the last time her mother was photographed was near her home on Richbell Street in Conshan.

  Victoria said: “She has dedicated her life to ensure that we have food to go home. She always puts our happiness first. She is a person who always pays more for others than herself. I think the epidemic has affected her. It has had an impact...she is now in a fragile state of mind."

  The last person to see Ms. Li was her 61-year-old husband, Mr. Li.

When he left home at noon, the two agreed to meet later that day, but when Mr. Li and his son returned home at around 8pm, Ms. Li was gone.

Surveillance video showed that Ms. Li walked out of the house at about 4:45 pm that day.

Before that, Ms. Li drove the car that was later discovered to Dufferin St and Center St, then parked and walked home.

  Victoria said that when she finally left home, she was carrying a small backpack with a lid and a clip on the top of the backpack.

She added: "I haven't seen her use this bag for many years. She is very habitual and always wears the same jeans and shirt. I think she took the bag away so we won't suspect that she is missing. "

  According to Victoria, Ms. Li may have brought cash, but left her wallet, phone, bank card, etc. at home.

She explained that Ms. Li is not only proficient in the Internet, but can also use various forms of public transportation. She is familiar with Toronto, including Harbord St and High Park, where she was in these communities when she was young. Live for many years.

  Victoria said that she and her family are under tremendous pressure at the moment, but her relatives, friends and community are very supportive of her.

She said: "Everyone is amazing, but emotionally we can't bear it. We have never dealt with this kind of crisis." Apart from the police search, Victoria said that she, her brother and father, have been in the park and Look elsewhere, call shelters and motels to find her mother.

  Victoria said that if she could talk to her mother now, she would explain how much she wanted her to return to her life.

She held back her tears and said: "Mom, I love you. I care about you. I hope you are safe, and I hope you come back and give us an answer."

  She said that her mother is about 1.7 meters tall, weighs about 118 kg, and is slim.

When she showed up for the last time, she was wearing a black shirt and trousers, a black baseball cap, a black backpack, and black sandals with white soles.

  Victoria said: "I think she has done so many things for other people, but she didn't provide space and time (for herself), and didn't realize what effect this had on her mental and emotional effects, which may have contributed to her current mentality. "

  Anyone with any information can contact the York District Police.