Electric scooters have become an increasingly common phenomenon on the streets of Jönköping in recent years.

Now the Sweden Democrats want to tighten the regulations regarding where electric scooters may be parked and give the municipality the right to charge those who park elsewhere.

The people behind the motion, Johan Edvardsson and Kristian Aronsson, take the French capital Paris as an example of a city that has set up special parking spaces for electric scooters in different neighborhoods.

If the electric scooter is left outside these zones, the charge will continue to tick for the person who rented the scooter.

Problems for the visually impaired

The Sweden Democrats write in their motion that electric scooters today cause problems for people in wheelchairs and those with visual impairments because scooters today can be parked anywhere.

They believe that the municipality needs a greater authority to regulate the driving and parking of electric scooters to get closer to a solution to today's problems.

Therefore, SD in Jönköping now wants the municipality to investigate the possibility of allocating and approving suitable parking spaces for electric scooters and investigating the possibility of charging these for the rental companies.