According to him, the outbreak in Pajala municipality started a few weeks ago but has now spread to the entire Tornedalen.

- Unfortunately, I only think we are at the beginning of the outbreak.

We will see many new cases in the Tornedal municipalities in the next few days.

There is a clear willingness to vaccinate in certain places in the area, says Anders Nystedt.

Infection control in contact with the Tornedal municipalities

- There are no outbreaks in the industries, it is the religious meetings and services that are the cause.

But we are not yet in the position that we have to cancel the services, says Anders Nystedt.

However, he believes that the congregations need to take a step back and think through the situation and do their part to keep track of the spread of infection.

- If you are the least snotty, you have to stay at home.

Covid is not over yet, says Anders Nystedt.