Yemeni legitimate forces control strategic positions of the Houthi militia in Al-Jawf

The forces of the Sixth Military Region in the Yemeni province of Al-Jawf continued their military operations against the Houthi militia on the fronts east of the city of Al-Hazm, the capital of the province, with great support from the tribes of the province and the fighters of the Arab coalition, with the aim of reaching the center of the city, and liberating the fighting sites in its east, including Al-Labanat camp.

The official spokesman for the Sixth Military Region, Captain Rabie Al-Qurashi, confirmed that all the defensive positions of the Houthi militias east of the city of Al-Hazm were liberated and penetrated, and that the ruling positions were cleared, and Houthi supply routes were controlled in the area east of Bir Al-Maraziq towards the city of Al-Hazm.

Al-Qurashi explained that the layout and the first defensive line of the city of Al-Hazm, the capital of Al-Jawf, had been cleared, and strategic sites in Al-Jadafer, Huwaishan, and the vicinity of Al-Labanat were taken over, while the militias have, during the past two days, brought in reinforcements and combat groups to the east of Al-Hazm, the Rayyan desert, and the vicinity of Al-Khanjar camp. All areas have been witnessing battles for days.

In Marib, the battles continued on the fronts south of the governorate, concentrated in the areas between the districts of Harib and Al-Juba, with the army and tribes forces able to control the entire front line of the southern fronts, where the mountain and east of Al-Juba were completely controlled.

Field sources said that the battles are continuing on the outskirts of Wadi al-Zahim, which overlooks the Wasit triangle, leading to the center of the Juba district, where the forces and tribes, backed by coalition fighters, were able to control the "triangle of the road" linking it with Al-Bayda Governorate.

The sources reported that the forces and tribes were able to confront many Houthi attacks, fought violent battles with the attacking elements, and forced them to retreat to their previous positions after incurring dozens of deaths and injuries. They also managed to thwart all Houthi attacks that aimed to control the Free Zone in Maisarah. Alfa in Rahba, while the militias continued to plant mines and explosive devices in several areas in the vicinity of Abdiya and Juba.

On the western fronts of the city of Marib, the battles continued on the al-Kasara and al-Mashjah fronts, all the way to the al-Zour area, where the two sides exchanged artillery and missile shelling in those areas, and Houthi fortifications and combat mechanisms were destroyed, leaving militia members dead and wounded.

Field sources confirmed that 13 Houthis were killed in battles west of Marib, including three prominent field commanders, during the past hours.

In Taiz, confrontations resumed between the army and the resistance on the one hand, and the Houthi militia on the other hand, on the fronts in the west of the governorate, concentrated at dawn today in the “Sayahi front and the vicinity of Mount Han”, which left Houthis dead and wounded.

Field sources on the Taiz front stated that the battles resumed after the militias tried to advance and penetrate the first positions of the army in the Wadi Khadran front, during which the army and resistance forces managed to confront and thwart the Houthi attempt and inflict heavy losses on the attackers.

In Al-Dhalea, the joint and southern forces thwarted a new infiltration attempt by Houthi elements towards their positions in the “Hejar-Bab Taghloq” sector, south of the Al-Oud region, and inflicted great losses on them, as a “BMP” vehicle was destroyed and the Houthi elements on board were killed and injured.

The Houthi attempt comes one day after it failed to penetrate the joint and southern sites in the "Sabirah - Al-Jab" sector, where its members suffered heavy losses.

In Al-Hodeidah, field sources confirmed that the joint forces in the southern sector of the governorate have carried out the process of rearranging positions and ranks and declaring combat readiness, in light of the continuous escalation of Houthi attacks on their positions in Tuhayta, Hays and Al-Durayhimi, noting that extensive arrangements are being conducted by the joint forces in those areas.

The militias continued their escalation of attacks on civilians, civilian objects and farms in al-Tuhayta, using heavy and medium weapons, and continued their combative movements in the vicinity of Hays District from the side of the Udayn Triangle, as well as launching indiscriminate shelling on farms in the Al-Jah area of ​​Beit al-Faqih district, and in the vicinity of al-Durayhimi, and targeted residential areas. And the Thabet Brothers Commercial and Industrial Complex in the eastern city of Hodeidah.

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