Microsoft is seeking to make the login function without a password available to all users, after it was previously limited to business accounts in particular.

The advantages of the passwordless login function are not only more convenient, but also more secure in general, as there is no fixed password that can be hacked.

Moreover, the user will not have to remember the complex password, and there will be no tendency to use simple and weak passwords in order to be easy to memorize and remember.

Authenticator app

You can sign in without a password in a Microsoft account through the Microsoft Authenticator app, which is available for Google Android mobile devices and Apple iOS devices. (iOS).

Once the application is installed on the smartphone, it is associated with the user's Microsoft account, and the application also allows the ability to log into Internet accounts by two steps, a method known as "two-factor authentication".

The user can return to the password login function at any time via the Microsoft Account Management page (Getty Images)

In order for the user to be able to separate the password for the Microsoft account, he must open the Microsoft account management page, and activate the “Account without password” option under the “Security / Additional Security Options” menu.

The authentication application relies on your fingerprint, facial recognition, or "PIN" when logging into a Microsoft account starting with the version of Windows 10, or other Microsoft services such as "OneDrive" or "Outlook". (Outlook).

The user can return to the password login function at any time via the Microsoft account management page, if they no longer wish to continue using the passwordless login function.