China News Service, September 28. According to Singapore’s Lianhe Zaobao, on the evening of the 26th local time, in response to the fuel supply chain crisis, the British Ministry of Commerce, Energy and Industry announced urgently to allow energy-related manufacturers and suppliers. , Transporters and retailers, etc., are temporarily exempted from the constraints of the 1998 Competition Law.

Data map: Gas stations in the UK.

  According to reports, due to Brexit and restrictions on the movement of people due to the epidemic, it has been difficult for a large number of European truck drivers to continue working in the UK for the past year.

  This caused a series of supply chain problems. Some gas stations were even forced to close due to the "oil shortage", and there were also chain reactions such as panic buying.

  According to reports, the purpose of the British government's temporary abolition of the 1998 Competition Act is to allow the authorities to actively cooperate with many industry players to minimize the impact of the supply chain crisis.

  In addition, in order to solve the shortage of logistics manpower, the British government just adopted a series of measures on the 25th local time, including issuing 5,000 short-term visas to truck drivers and stepping up the training of 4,000 drivers at the same time.

  However, the industry and opposition parties believe that there is a shortage of about 100,000 freight drivers between now and Christmas, and these short-term visas are not enough to solve the supply chain crisis.

The opposition party even pointed out that the current crisis is the result of the government's insufficient preparations for Brexit.