China News Service, September 27. According to Russian media reports on the 26th, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced that three Russian Su-35S fighters rushed into the air and intercepted the American B-52H strategic bomber near the Russian border in the Pacific Ocean.

Data map: Russian fighter jets.

  According to the Russian Satellite Network, the air defense monitoring equipment of the Eastern Russian Military Region found an air target approaching the Russian border over the Pacific waters.

  According to the source, "In order to verify the foreign aircraft, the Eastern Military Region dispatched three Su-35S fighters into the air. The Russian fighter crew identified the air target as the American B-52H strategic bomber, and then carried out accompanying flights over the Pacific Ocean."

  It is reported that after the US bomber flew away from the Russian border, the Russian fighters returned to the station airport smoothly.

  The news also pointed out that the Russian fighters strictly abide by the rules for the use of international airspace during the entire flight.

  According to reports, this incident marked the latest contact between Russian military aircraft and US or NATO military aircraft in recent years.

In March this year, a NATO official stated that NATO fighter jets took off 10 times to track and intercept Russian bombers and fighter jets over the North Sea, the Black Sea and the Baltic Sea.