The first international exposition in the Middle East, the "Dubai Expo," will begin on the 1st of next month in the UAE = United Arab Emirates, but before this, the Japanese pavilion was opened to the public.

The Dubai Expo is scheduled to be held for half a year from the 1st of next month, and before this, the completed Japanese pavilion "Japan Pavilion" was first released to the media on the 26th.

The theme of the Japan Pavilion is "Meeting Ideas", and the surface of the two-story building is decorated in three dimensions by combining Japanese hemp leaf patterns and Middle Eastern geometric patterns, and Japan and the Middle East. It expresses the fusion of traditional culture of Japan.

Inside, each of the five exhibition booths projects images of Japan and sprays mist-like water to create a fantastic space, introducing traditional culture, animation, and the latest technology.

There is also a corner where models of the venue will be exhibited and an introductory video will be screened in order to promote the 2025 Osaka / Kansai Expo.

As a countermeasure against infection with the new coronavirus, the number of people who can enter at one time will be reduced to about half of what was expected.

Mr. Tomiyasu Nakamura, the representative of the Japanese government, said, "I want you to know that Japan has developed culture and technology by incorporating ideas from inside and outside the country. I want to increase the number of countries participating in the Osaka / Kansai Expo through PR at the Dubai Expo." I was talking.