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it was revealed that the son of Rep. Kwak received billions of won, it is raising the possibility that other Hwacheon Daeyu executives and employees may also have received large amounts of severance pay in this way. A key official of Hwacheon Daewoo said that other employees are also expected to receive more than 500 million won.

This is the exclusive report by Kwak Sang-eun.


Kwak Sang-do's son insists that the money he received is not a privilege.

In the meantime, Hwacheon Daeyu announced on SNS that "all executives and employees have signed a performance-based pay contract."

He claims that "the reason why I received so many bonuses and consolations is because the company has made huge profits."

A key official from Hwacheon Daewoo also admitted in a phone call with SBS that it is possible that Mr.

The official said, "When the land price rises for the first time, the company has decided to give its employees at least 500 million won in severance pay."

"The daughter of former special prosecutor Park Young-soo will also receive at least 500 million won as severance pay," he added.

Regarding this, a lawyer for the former special prosecutor's office said, "I have not received any bonuses or severance pay as the retirement procedure for Park's daughter has not been completed."

As suspicions grew about the background of Hwacheon Daewoo hiring large amounts of severance pay by hiring the restraints of influential people as executives and employees, Hwacheon Daeyu issued a statement today (26th) and said, "In the case of a real estate development company, when the development project is successful, the amount is high. It is common to operate a wage compensation system based on performance-based pay.”

However, the legal circle points out that if you pay in excess of company regulations, you may be charged with breach of trust.

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