Have you ever been on public transportation or a public place and noticed that your body smells bad?

This situation is embarrassing for anyone, but it happens to many people.

The Spanish newspaper, "Mis Remedios", says in this report that there are common reasons that cause these embarrassing odors, and there are proven tips to get rid of them:

Spicy foods, onions and garlic make people smell like sweat (Getty Images)

  • 1- diet

Every food we eat directly affects our smell.

If we ingest large amounts of spicy and sulfur foods - like onions and garlic - these substances break down and go into the bloodstream.

This leads to the emission of an odor that others smell and reach them when we exhale air from the lungs, or when the process of sweating occurs through the pores of the skin.

On the other hand, if you consume a lot of sugars, animal fats and processed foods, the body will excrete large amounts of toxins, which is why doctors recommend following a diet that focuses on healthy foods, especially fruits and vegetables, with a lot of drinking water.

  • 2- The clothes you wear

Synthetic fibers in fabrics such as polyester trap sweat under clothing, without it being absorbed as, for example, cotton, and this creates a favorable environment for bacteria that cause unpleasant odors to thrive.

Therefore, the solution to avoid this problem is to wear comfortable fabrics such as cotton and natural fibers that enable the body to breathe, especially at times when you exercise or when the temperature rises.

These clothes absorb sweat and don't allow bacteria to breed.

The same advice also applies to shoes, as synthetic materials do not allow the feet to breathe. Wearing healthy shoes, changing socks periodically, and keeping the feet clean, enables you to avoid the emission of unpleasant odors.

Armpit hair is a warm, humid environment in which bacteria that cause embarrassing body odors thrive (Getty Images)

  • 3- armpit hair

Did you know that armpit hair is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria?

This is where hair, dust and oils are present, creating a warm, humid environment in which body odor-causing bacteria thrive.

So if you are a man or a woman, and you suffer from embarrassing odors, you should shave your armpit hair.

  • 4- Use antiperspirants

If you rely on cheap and unhealthy products for your personal hygiene, you are backfiring.

In many cases, we try to hide the smell of sweat through the use of antiperspirants, but these products do not eliminate the unpleasant smell, but rather hide it temporarily, and close the natural pores in the skin, and after a short time the problem appears and is more the same.

Some medicines can cause a foul odor and this process varies from person to person (Getty Images)

  • 5- Some medicines

Medicines are involved in the body's metabolism, just like the foods we eat.

Some of these drugs pass through the bloodstream and go to the skin.

But this process varies from person to person, so the drugs can cause bad breath in one person and not the other.

And if you notice that you have this problem, you can talk to your doctor, so that he can change your medication if possible.

  • 6- Hormones

When we are in a state of stress, the body secretes a hormone called "cortisol" (Cortisol) and at this time the skin begins to sweat profusely, which facilitates the multiplication of bacteria that mix with sweat to make an unpleasant odor.

Therefore, doctors recommend reducing stress by practicing yoga and meditation exercises.

Also, during menopause, women's estrogen levels decrease, which leads to the body sweating during the condition called hot flashes.

This also leads to the multiplication of bacteria, and to combat it, it is recommended to follow an appropriate diet and exercise.

During menopause, women's estrogen levels drop, which leads to the body sweating and bacteria multiplying (German)

  • 7- Constipation and digestive problems

Digestion problems and constipation lead to increased gas and bloating, as well as unpleasant odors.

The reason for this is that the body does not excrete toxins in the correct way, and they collect and then exit through the pores of the skin in the form of sweat.

To avoid this problem, doctors recommend focusing on fiber in the diet, and drinking enough water.

  • 8- Weather and other problems

The newspaper indicates that there are some other conditions that cause odors, such as hot weather, high humidity, as well as excessive sweating in some people, diabetes, thyroid disorders, kidney problems and others.

What is the solution to bid farewell to unpleasant odors?

The newspaper says that fighting these odors, which may appear for one reason or another, is simply through continuous care of personal hygiene, a healthy and balanced diet, and wearing comfortable clothes that enable the body to breathe.