150 "Houthis" were killed on the fronts south and west of Ma'rib

Members of the Yemeni army in the vicinity of Sanaa.


More than 100 members of the Houthi militia were killed while trying to infiltrate at dawn today, a site of the tribes and the Yemeni army in the "Al-Balaq Mountains" front, northwest of Ma'rib, while 50 other militia members were killed during battles in the "Mala'a" front in Harib.

The fighters of the Arab Coalition to Support Legitimacy launched a series of support raids amounting to 23 raids on Houthi sites, targets and combat mechanisms, which caused heavy losses among the militias, and destroyed 10 combat mechanisms.

Tribal sources said that the militias in the "Al-Abdiyyah area" received painful blows at the hands of the tribes, and on the Al-Kasara and Al-Mashajah fronts, west of Ma'rib, tribesmen and units of the Yemeni army managed to thwart a massive Houthi attack and inflict heavy losses on them.

Yesterday evening, the militias bombed the city of Marib with two ballistic missiles, one of which fell near a camp for the displaced in the village of "Kara" in the isolation of Al-Fajih, and the second near the government complex, causing casualties among civilians, and also bombed a gathering of the Yemeni army in the Midi front in the governorate. Hajjah, which led to the killing of three and wounding of 17 others from the Fifth Military Region.

In Al-Jawf, field sources confirmed the destruction of a missile launcher and a Houthi drone stand, as a result of raids by coalition fighters targeting them in the vicinity of Al-Hazm city, the capital of the province.

Al-Houthi elements killed a civilian named "Hilal Awad Sherwan" on Al-Sitteen Street in the capital, Sana'a, while the Houthi elements prevented the residents of the areas under their control from celebrating the September 26 anniversary.

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