China News Service, September 26th, a comprehensive report that recently, another Taliban vehicle attack occurred in Nangarhar Province in southeastern Afghanistan. The explosion on the 25th caused 1 death and 7 injuries. The Taliban has launched an investigation. The Russian Foreign Minister expressed support for the Taliban's fight against the internal extremist organization "Islamic State."

On the other hand, the Prime Minister of Pakistan called on all countries in the world to support the current Afghan government at the UN General Assembly, and the United States also pave the way for humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan.

Recently, a set of propaganda pictures of the Taliban in Afghanistan have flowed out.

It is reported that this set of propaganda pictures was taken in August and September 2021, showing the movement of the Afghan Taliban, which has just taken control of Afghanistan, called "Fatih Zwak" or "Victorious Force". Most Taliban members use American vehicles, uniforms and equipment.

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Taliban vehicles attacked again

The explosion caused 1 death and 7 injuries

  On the 25th, an explosion in Jalalabad, the capital of Nangarhar Province in southeastern Afghanistan, killed at least one person and injured seven others.

Witnesses claimed that the explosion was caused by an explosive device placed in a street vase.

  According to the Afghan Dawn News Network, witnesses said the injured included civilians and Taliban members.

Some wounded said that the explosion occurred when a Taliban vehicle was crossing the road.

Currently, no organization has claimed responsibility for this attack.

  Not long ago, an attacker attacked a Taliban vehicle in Jalalabad, killing at least two armed men and three civilians.

  It is reported that Nangarhar Province is the main stronghold of the "Islamic State Khorasan" organization.

Before the Taliban took over the Afghan regime on August 15, members of the "Islamic State Khorasan" organized multiple attacks on security personnel and civilians in Nangarhar Province and the capital Kabul.

  On the other hand, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov stated that Russia supports the Taliban’s determination to combat the Islamic State, an extremist organization in Afghanistan.

He said, "We will do our best to support the Taliban's determination to fight the Islamic State and other terrorist organizations."

U.S. pave the way for humanitarian aid to Afghanistan

Prime Minister of Pakistan calls for support for the current government of Afghanistan

  In addition, according to Al Jazeera’s Chinese website, although the United States insists on imposing sanctions on the Taliban, it has also paved the way for aid to Afghanistan. The U.S. Treasury Department said it has issued two general licenses.

  One of the licenses allows the U.S. government, non-governmental organizations, and some international organizations, including the United Nations, to conduct transactions with the "Haqqani" network that is sanctioned by the United States, as long as such transactions are necessary for efforts to provide humanitarian assistance of.

  The second permit allows for partial transactions related to the export and re-export of food and medicines to Afghanistan.

  On the other hand, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, in his speech at the United Nations General Assembly, urged countries around the world to support the current Afghan government and help it achieve stability, because this is beneficial to everyone.

  However, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov stated on related issues, “The issue of the international community’s recognition of the Taliban regime is still unclear at this stage.”