China News Service, September 26. According to U.S. media reports, on the afternoon of the 25th local time, an Amtrak train between Seattle and Chicago derailed when it was in central Montana. Turn out the track.

The accident has killed at least 3 people and injured many passengers.

The scene of the train derailment accident.

Image source: screenshots of social media accounts of netizens.

  The Associated Press quoted the local sheriff’s office as saying that the accident had caused three deaths and many injured.

  Earlier, an Amtrak public relations manager issued a statement stating, “There were approximately 147 passengers and 13 staff on board, and someone was reportedly injured. Amtrak is cooperating with local authorities to transport injured passengers and ensure the safe evacuation of all other passengers. "

  According to reports, emergency rescuers have arrived at the scene, and passengers are trapped in the train.

Photos on social media showed that some of the train cars had turned out of the track.

  At present, it is not clear why the accident occurred.