Chinanews, September 25. According to, with the increase in confirmed cases and the continuation of restrictions, Melbourne will surpass Buenos Aires on October 4 this year to become the world's longest locked-down city.

But at the same time, Melbourne is experiencing large-scale anti-vaccine protests.

As of the 24th, the protests had lasted for 5 days.

  It is reported that Melbourne is now bound to become the city with the longest lockdown period in the world.

According to the current situation, Melbourne's stay-at-home order will be extended for at least another month.

According to the Victorian government’s plan, if the blockade measures ended on October 26 this year, the people of Melbourne will spend 267 days in the blockade since March last year, which lasted nearly 9 months.

Data map: An empty shopping mall in Melbourne, Australia.

  In this way, Melbourne will be 22 days longer than Buenos Aires, Argentina, the city with the second longest lockdown in the world.

And because of the lockdown and other issues, Melbourne dropped 6 places to 8th in this year's ranking of the world's most livable cities.

  Today, near Smith Street in Fitzroy, Melbourne, the police can be seen walking through the streets at any time because this will be a planned gathering place for anti-blockade protesters.

  It is reported that after the local police arrested several protesters at the protest locations planned by the protesters, such as Bourke and Elizabeth streets, the protesters began to inform each other of the arrests and police patrols. Condition.

One of the protest organizers even wrote on the encryption application Telegram: "Three different organizers have released gathering locations at the same time."

  In addition, as the protesters vowed to return to the Melbourne CBD for the fifth consecutive day, in order to protect themselves, medical staff were required to take off their work clothes.

Nicole Bartholomeusz, chief executive of Cohealth Medical, said the survey results showed that employees were told not to wear work clothes before going to work.

She said: "I am sad to report that there have been several physical and verbal attacks on medical staff in this city. They will be targeted because they wear Cohealth ID badges."

  It is reported that thousands of members of the "Melbourne Free Rally" Telegram chat group issued an alert, calling on the public to "prohibit vaccinations," and called this rally a "Victorian Rally for Freedom".