In the United States, following the 'star politician', his brother, who is a famous anchor, has been embroiled in sexual harassment scandals one after another.

Former producer Shelley Ross revealed in an article in the New York Times on the 24th local time that he was sexually harassed by his colleague Chris Cuomo, a current CNN anchor in 2005, while working for ABC News.

According to the article, Chris touched Ross' body part while he was having a farewell party for another colleague at a bar in Manhattan, New York.

Chris, who was the executive producer of the program he was appearing on, told Ross, "I'm no longer my boss, so I can do this."

Chris later said he had sent an apology to Ross by e-mail, saying he was "embarrassed".

Chris said in a statement that the incident was "not sexual at all" and that "I apologized to Ross and it was sincere," the Wall Street Journal reported.

Chris' older brother, former New York governor Andrew Cuomo, resigned in August over allegations that he molested or harassed 11 former and current aides.

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