Emiratisation: Stabilizing the labor market

Digitizing “Wage Protection” produces 6 gains for “Private” employees

The ministry has developed its services by reviewing the best practices in the field of digital transformation.

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The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation confirmed that the digitization of the wages protection system for private sector workers and employees has enabled the strategic partners of the Ministry to view the statistics on the extent to which enterprises are committed to transferring the wages of the workforce, which has enhanced the stability of the labor market in the country, pointing out that the digital transformation pursued by the Ministry has achieved Six administrative and psychological gains for workers and employees.

In detail, the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation reported that the UAE has made great strides in the field of digital transformation at the level of government institutions, pointing out that within this framework, it was able to achieve creative achievements in providing its services in various ways that guarantee the customer the best experience, as it kept pace with the era of development and digitization by transforming A number of its services to provide the option to facilitate the delivery of services through the latest methods, such as smart applications and electronic platforms.

The ministry stated that it has digitized its services approved by the Prime Minister's Office, which are provided through smart applications and electronic platforms.

It also allowed the provision of these services in service centers to provide complete flexibility and freedom of choice for the customer, stressing that the large number of customers towards smart digital services confirms the success of the digital transformation experience.

The ministry indicated, on its official website, that the digital transformation that it has fully accomplished at the level of transaction and service procedures brings four benefits to the customer, the first of which is the completion of services in the least time and cost to the customer.

The second is to save the time and effort of the customer, as there is no need for the customer to attend the service center.

And third, building an advanced knowledge society.

Finally, the cultivation of technological culture in society and the importance of information wealth.

The ministry also identified six gains, or administrative and psychological benefits, that accrue to employees from the trend towards digital transformation, including improving employee performance, empowering him in the technical field, allowing him to develop and acquire new skills, reducing work pressure on him, and increasing the accuracy of employee performance. and facilitating the procedures and operations thereof.

She said that she developed her services by reviewing the best global and local practices in the field of digital transformation, as she formed a team of digital transformation pioneers, headed by the Assistant Undersecretary for the Support Services Sector, and the membership of each of the Director of Information Technology Department, Director of Strategy and Future Department, Director of Labor Market Information Department and Director of the Department of Government Communication, Director of Customer Relations Department, and members of the various concerned departments. It was entrusted with reviewing the practices and presenting reports and proposals for the development of services.

And she added that, in digital transformation, she relied on the customers' opinion, which is the most important factor in developing the service, as the ministry's work teams conducted a number of focus groups with customers to study the customer's journey in obtaining its services.

The UX lab was one of the tools that contributed to obtaining their opinions in an accurate and practical way on the use of the Ministry's application and website, in addition to taking their opinions through electronic consultations offered on the Sharek platform.

The Ministry pointed out that the application contributes to enabling (employers / family owners) to establish and manage their businesses quickly and efficiently, as it is characterized by the feature of a smart dashboard in virtual reality, which contributed to displaying statistics related to business (such as workforce distribution). According to gender, age..) instead of coming to the service centers to print the information sheet.

This feature contributed to avoiding fines incurred by the establishments and their workforce.

Increase investment opportunities

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation confirmed that the smart application for business owners enabled establishments, employers and families to view their documents and the documents of their workforce, which were previously uploaded to the system, through the “smart virtual file” feature, in addition to contributing to increasing the investment opportunity. In the country, by informing employers and investors of open data that includes a statistical description of the distribution of establishments and manpower in the labor market, and labor force classifications according to skill level, through the “virtual smart business information” feature.

• The UAE has made great strides in the field of digital transformation at the level of government institutions.

• The application of entrepreneurship helps implement the state's vision of relying on artificial intelligence to improve government performance.

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