An American restaurant that expelled a couple of guests for not following the 'dining rules' has been at the center of controversy.

On the 22nd local time, foreign media such as ABC, USA, introduced the absurd incident experienced by Natalie Wester and her husband who visited a restaurant in Dallas, Texas.

The Westers, who have a four-month-old son, have had a hard time meeting friends after a long time.

Until then, the couple had refrained from going out as much as possible due to their son's health problems, and always wore a mask when going out.

In Texas, when the mandatory mask was lifted in March, most people are not wearing them, but that's why couples have been more careful.

However, as the couple was about to enter the restaurant, a restaurant worker stopped in front of them and demanded that they "take off their masks." At first, Mr. Wester understood that it was a restaurant that sells alcoholic beverages, so he was trying to check the faces and photos of the customers' IDs, and he entered the restaurant without any doubts.

However, as the Westers continued to wear masks while waiting for the food they ordered, the staff came back to their seats. And he said, "The boss sent me instead of coming directly. It's because I'm much kinder." He said, "The act of wearing a mask is political. We have to take off the mask in our store."

The employee continued, "The mask has no effect and rather blocks the smooth supply of oxygen," and continued coercive remarks such as "This is a privately run restaurant, so you can set the rules at will."

The Westers explained to the staff the reason for wearing a mask, saying, "A four-month-old baby has cystic fibrosis. If he contracted COVID-19 because of us, he would have to be hospitalized immediately."

However, the employee kicked the couple out, saying, "If you can't follow the rules, get out."

Wester shared the incident on his social media account and said, "I would recommend avoiding this restaurant to anyone who feels the seriousness of COVID-19."

Netizens sympathized, saying, "Is there any harm to the restaurant by wearing a mask?" and "The political side is the restaurant side."

Then, as national attention drew attention, the restaurant owner said, "I have never heard of the Westers' sick son," but said, "This restaurant is a place I worked with blood and sweat. We will,” he told local media.

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(Photo='Natalie Wester Guerrero' Facebook, 'CBSDFW' YouTube)