Include high prices and delays in the completion of work

"Consumer Protection" in Dibba Al-Fujairah deals with 37 complaints within two months

The Consumer Protection Department in Dibba Al-Fujairah Municipality received 37 complaints from consumers during the months of July and August, and resolved and addressed the problems issued by consumers, including delays in completing the required work and service, or failure to complete the work as required, as well as warranty complaints, and the high prices of goods and products.

The Director General of Dibba Al-Fujairah Municipality, Engineer Hassan Salem Al Yamahi, said: "We are keen to provide various channels that suit all segments of consumers of all ages to provide them with protection from any commercial abuses," noting that the consumer protection teams verify the accuracy of complaints related to price increases, through Reviewing the available evidence that supports it, and comparing the current invoices with the previous ones. The team may resort to field and electronic verification of the merchant’s price list and other available methods, and if the price increase is already proven, the necessary measures will be taken against the violating party. He stressed that the Consumer Protection Department has been dedicated to continuous inspection campaigns for promotional offers and discounts in order to apprehend manipulators and violators of laws and regulations related to discounts on goods and merchandise, stressing that the department has confiscated 46 counterfeit goods for spare parts of vehicles from fake discount stores during the past two months.

Al-Yamahi stated that the inspection teams conducted 26 periodic and sudden inspections, including 15 inspection rounds on related facilities, and 11 inspection rounds on sales and offers, which resulted in issuing seven violations, and 16 warnings against the owners of violating commercial activities, and most of the violations issued represent commercial fraud, Selling counterfeit and fraudulent goods, making sales without a permit issued by the municipality, selling goods at a price contrary to the original price, in addition to refraining from issuing purchase invoices to the customer, and confiscating 46 counterfeit vehicle spare parts.

He noted the importance of the commitment of all owners of companies and institutions to engage in activities as authorized by the municipality, stressing the municipality's interest in protecting consumers, combating all types of commercial fraud in the markets, the importance of everyone's commitment to the declared prices, not raising prices and exploiting the public during times of occasions and holidays and their increasing turnout. On the purchase of goods and products, in addition to the need to ensure that activities are carried out in accordance with the permits and licenses granted, and to adhere to real promotions, and not to conduct fake offers to attract the public.

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