• Migration crisis The Haitian diaspora drowns its hopes in the Rio Grande

The United States special envoy in Haiti resigned two months after his appointment, denouncing the deportations by the

Joe Biden


of thousands of Haitians crossing the border from Mexico.

"I will not associate myself with the

inhumane and counterproductive decision

of the United States to deport thousands of Haitian refugees and illegal migrants to Haiti," said State Department special envoy

Daniel Foote

in his resignation letter.

In the text, addressed to Secretary of State

Antony Blinken

, Foote described Haiti as a place where US diplomats "are confined to security facilities due to the dangers posed by armed gangs that control daily life."

"Plunged in poverty and held hostage to terror," the Haitian population "simply cannot bear the forced flow of thousands of returning migrants who lack food, shelter and money without provoking a new and inevitable human tragedy," he wrote.


More refugees will fuel further despair and crime


The resignation of the official comes after the US government began last week to board Haitian citizens who entered the United States from Mexico to take them back to their country.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken thanked Daniel Foote for the work done and added: "This does not mean that we cannot disagree on the correct approach."

"The level of desperation among migrants can only strongly affect us all, so I really understand the passion surrounding this issue," he added. Shortly before, State Department spokesman Ned Price had more directly rejected Daniel Foote's allegations, which he called "simply false" according to him. The envoy "did not take the opportunity to express" his "concerns about migrants during his tenure and instead chose to resign," Price lamented.

Another official accused him of trying to go beyond his powers in US policy in Haiti.

Haitians are part of a wave of thousands of migrants crowded for several weeks in the Mexican cities of Tapachula (southern border with Guatemala) and Ciudad Acuña (north, bordering Texas). Haitian migrants arrive mainly from Brazil and Chile, where they had emigrated after the 2010 earthquake that left some 200,000 dead in Haiti.

Unicef: the deportees are women and children

The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) has shown "concern" about the situation of Haitians expelled by the United States on the border with Mexico and has indicated that

two out of every three migrants

affected by these decisions are

women and minors.

, including newborns.

"Haiti is reeling from the triple tragedy of natural disasters, gang violence and the COVID-19 pandemic," said UNICEF Executive Director Henrietta Fore.

"When children, adolescents and families are returned without adequate protection, they are even more vulnerable to violence, poverty and displacement, factors that prompted them to emigrate in the first place," he said.

Thus, the agency has highlighted that the initial evaluations carried out on the migrants who have been transferred to Port-au-Prince and Mexico suggest that

"many" of the deported children under the age of ten have been born outside of Haiti

or have lived most of their lives abroad. from the country.

Unicef ​​has claimed to avoid "any use of force at the borders" and to facilitate family unification, as well as "to adequately assess the protection needs of migrants before making any decision on return." The best interest of the child must be above any other consideration ", Fore has reviewed.

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