As the Netflix original drama 'Squid Game' is gaining worldwide popularity, various products in the drama are also attracting attention.


The third search term for clicking is 'squid game' goods are also popular.

While the drama 'Squid Game' is getting a hot response, such as being the first Korean work to record the top spot on Netflix in the US, T-shirts worn by the main characters are selling for about $40 on eBay, an online auction site.

Including shipping costs, our money is over 50,000 won, but there are many netizens who want to buy it.

In addition, the old lunchboxes that the main characters received are also on sale, and the price is about 40,000 won, which is 10 times more expensive than the domestic online price.

In particular, 'Dalgona Draw', which appeared as a game in the drama, is showing signs of a craze.

A kit for making dalgona is on sale for about $30, and videos on how to make dalgona are also popular on video platforms.

A YouTuber's video, which imitated the game method in the drama, recorded more than 200,000 views within 17 hours of posting.

Netizens responded, "Dalgona will continue the myth of the parasite Jjapaguri~" and "The whole world can't help but go crazy. I'm proud of K-content!"

(Screen source: Netflix, eBay)