Barely a week ago, there was the opportunity to be vaccinated on drop in only in Växjö.

Kronobergers in Markaryd, Älmhult and Ljungby did not get the same conditions, despite the fact that the vaccination rate was low in some places.

- We do not control where they vaccinate, said vaccine coordinator Lena Andersson Nazzal then.

Now the region has changed.

All municipalities in the county will be offered drop-in times.

- Now we have plenty of vaccines and then we can have a drop in, says Lena Andersson Nazzal. 

Sends home letters

Region Kronoberg, like Region Kalmar, also sends out letters to everyone in the county who has not yet been vaccinated against covid-19.

The letter will be sent out in the next few days and the letter will contain information on how to proceed to get vaccinated.

- It should be easily accessible, says Lena Andersson Nazzal.

Vaccine bus on tour

Now on Tuesday, Strömsnäsbruk in Markaryd municipality will be visited by the vaccine bus.

But how many times and when the municipalities receive drop-in vaccination varies.

- It differs from municipality to municipality, says Lena Andersson Nazzal.

Braås and Lammhult have already been planned.

All available times can be found at 1177.

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"Now the Kronoberg Region must sharpen up and direct resources to the areas in the entire county where more people from so-called hard-to-reach groups need to be vaccinated," writes Bengt Germundsson (KD) in a press release.

Photo: TT / SVT

Earlier this week, Markaryd's municipal councilor, Bengt Germundsson (KD), harshly criticized the fact that the region only offered drop-in times in Växjö.