According to Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Germany will continue to be heavily involved in foreign and European policy after the federal election. "During this time of political transition in my country, I would like to assure you: Even after this election Germany will remain a country that is aware of its international responsibility and is assuming it," Steinmeier said on Friday in front of the General Assembly of the United Nations (UN) in New York according to speech. Germany is convinced that large, open questions about humanity can only be answered through “far more cooperation”.

"We need a strong common foreign and security policy," said Steinmeier with a view to Europe. He shares the French attitude. "Only a strong Europe can ask others to do their part to create an international peace order." Only a strong Europe can also seek cooperation with China - and at the same time demand that China respect human rights and international law as well as the legitimate interests of its neighbors.

Steinmeier also admitted that the fall of the Afghan capital Kabul to the radical Islamic Taliban was a turning point.

It was not possible to create a self-supporting political order in Afghanistan in 20 years.

“My country also shares responsibility,” said the Federal President.

However, resignation is the wrong answer.

In the moment of “geopolitical disillusionment”, foreign policy must rather become “more honest, smarter and stronger”.

"We need to expand our toolkit - diplomatic, military, civil, humanitarian," he added.

With a view to the challenges in the fight against climate change, Steinmeier said that there should be no "relapse into national egoisms".

"We must not fail - because of the future of humanity!"