The Versailles Criminal Court found three individuals guilty of attempted embezzlement through a fraud targeting banks.

The three accused, from Yvelines and respectively aged 27, 37 and 57, stole nearly 200,000 euros during two proven frauds.

They were arrested after a third failed attempt on September 14, for which they were tried, says 78 Actu.

That day, one of the three crooks went to the counter of a bank in Houilles (Yvelines) to transfer 86,000 euros from his account to that of a gold merchant.

As in previous hijackings, the woman was in fact using false identity papers belonging to victims spotted previously, and on which her photo had been added.

Purchases of gold bars

Bank employees, however, suspected fraud and called the police.

Despite their escape, the fraudsters were arrested a few minutes later.

In both successful scams, the money was used to buy gold bars.

These flights will be judged later.

The court sentenced the three respondents to terms ranging from one year suspended imprisonment to 15 months imprisonment.


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