Stéphane Burgatt, edited by Clément Perruche 7:20 a.m., September 24, 2021

At the end of the morning on Wednesday, a 37-year-old man tried to evade a control of transport tickets carried out by agents of the metropolitan transport authority (RTM) in Marseille.

The man, described as agitated, virulent and violent, was brought to the ground and restrained before dying of asphyxiation. 

Drama in Marseille.

As part of a ticket check in the city's metro, a 37-year-old man died of asphyxiation on Wednesday.

The man, described as agitated and virulent, had tried to evade the control carried out by agents of the metropolitan transport authority.

He was overpowered and brought to the ground, then died.

The autopsy report, revealed Thursday evening, indicates "death by asphyxiation".


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An open investigation

The facts took place at the "Joliette" metro station north of the Old Port of Marseille.

According to

La Provence

, the man is presented as suffering from a mental illness.

Ten men would have been needed to bring it under control.

Called in as reinforcements, the police found on their arrival that the individual was inert.

He died shortly after, despite attempts to resuscitate the firefighters.

The man's family have reportedly indicated their intention to press charges.

In the meantime, Thursday evening, the Marseille prosecutor's office announced that it would open an investigation for "willful violence resulting in death without intention of giving it" which has been entrusted to the departmental security.