China News Agency, Orenburg, Russia, September 24th, title: Interpretation of the "Peace Mission-2021" joint performance: "Change" to advance with the times and "unchanged" to safeguard security

  China News Agency reporter Li Chun

  The "Peace Mission-2021" Shanghai Cooperation Organization joint counter-terrorism military exercise ended on the 24th at the "Dongguz" shooting range in Orenburg Oblast, Russia.

This is the fourteenth joint military exercise held within the framework of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. It is also a joint counter-terrorism exercise conducted under the dual background of changes in the regional situation and the spread of the new crown epidemic.

On September 23, local time, the "Peace Mission-2021" SCO joint anti-terrorism military exercise carried out a real-force operation.

The picture shows the special forces quickly occupying favorable terrain after descending to the ground.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Li Chun

  Looking back at this joint exercise before the "smoke of gunpowder" has cleared, the content construction of advancing with the times and the level of joint collaboration can be described as the highlights and achievements of the exercise. Behind the relevant changes is the SCO’s commitment to peace missions in the past 20 years. Unchanging determination and efforts to maintain regional stability.

Keep up with the times in actual military drills

  In the actual military operation on the 23rd, the Russians participated in the secret operation of tanks in the trenches connected by the camouflage tunnels, alternately covering and carrying out salvos, which achieved unexpected effects on "terrorists."

This tactic called "tank breast wall" is a new method of tactics that the Russian army has developed in recent years by summing up experience in regional conflicts.

  "Tank Breast Wall", "Artillery Maneuvering", mass sending of psychological warfare text messages... In fact, this exercise draws on many useful experiences from many regional military conflicts in recent years, including the Syrian war, the Naqa conflict, and some tested new models. Warfare training method.

  Military exercises are like a mirror, which can not only reflect past actual combat experience, but also reflect the current and future needs of counter-terrorism operations.

This is also reflected in the course of combating drone attacks set up in this joint exercise.

  Small size, low cost, high sensitivity...These characteristics make the UAV's role on the battlefield more obvious, and it has also been frequently used by terrorist forces in recent terrorist attacks.

Responding to the threat of UAV terrorist attacks is a hot spot in the current anti-terrorism operations.

  Li Shuyin, a researcher at the Academy of Military Sciences of the People’s Liberation Army, said in an interview with a reporter from China News Agency that the "Peace Mission" series of exercises must keep pace with the times and keep a close eye on changes in the form of war and changes in opponents’ tactics. Ability to deter terrorists and maintain regional security and stability.

Deep alliance in joint account training

  Alexander Rabin, commander of the Central Military Region of Russia, pointed out at the opening ceremony of the exercise that on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the SCO, the holding of the "Peace Mission-2021" joint counter-terrorism military exercise is a powerful measure to deal with the threat of terrorism.

"This exercise is also a test of our joint command and joint operations."

  The "Peace Mission" joint exercises under the framework of the SCO have been held more than ten times, and each time they are dedicated to improving the joint level.

"Shared accounts" is both a key and a difficult point.

Each working group in this joint exercise is composed of commanders from various countries participating in the exercise. They plan and command together to achieve the goal of "shared training".

  Talking about where the "union" of the exercise is embodied, Cui Haibo, a Chinese military officer participating in the exercise, believes that the first is the combination of strength, and the multinational forces participating in the exercise work hand in hand to combat the "international terrorist forces"; The basis for mutual support of all parties; the third is strategic alliance, which can "make up for the shortcomings of friends" at the command level.

  "It can be said that the degree of'shared planning' in the joint military training exercises largely reflects the degree of joint military exercises, and also guides the degree of joint operations in the actual military phase." Li Shuyin pointed out that every element is determined by The formation of commanders from various countries and their joint operations and directing of actual operations demonstrate that the "Peace Mission" joint exercise is moving towards a true "joint".

Hand in hand in the mission of peace

  Over the past 20 years since the establishment of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, the defense departments of member states have continuously strengthened strategic mutual trust and promoted practical cooperation.

The "Peace Mission-2021" joint counter-terrorism military exercise also demonstrated the firm determination and operational capabilities of member states to combat the "three forces" and demonstrated their level of cooperation in the field of defense and security.

  "It needs to be explained that the SCO is not a military alliance, and it is not intended to respond to aggression against member states." Li Shuyin pointed out that the exercises under the SCO framework are all for counter-terrorism purposes and to combat international terrorist organizations in the region.

  It is precisely because of this that the purpose of the "Peace Mission" joint military exercise is to learn from each other, learn from each other's strengths, and jointly improve the ability to combat international terrorist organizations; Ability to fight any international terrorist forces.

  At the same time, through such activities, SCO member states can enhance understanding, friendship and mutual trust, and can work together and respond to security threats to jointly maintain "peace and stability, which is more precious than gold."

  Throughout the past exercises, whether it is the curriculum setting that closely follows the actual needs of counter-terrorism operations, or the improvement of the level of "shared-account training" at the command level, the joint exercises within the framework of the SCO are continuing to deepen and become more practical.

  In Li Shuyin's view, the topic setting of joint exercises is getting closer and closer to the needs of counter-terrorism operations under modern information conditions, and can be drilled in response to the changes in the tactics of international terrorist organizations, the modernization of equipment levels, and the more concealed operations.

"The degree of unity is also getting stronger and stronger. This is also an inevitable requirement for the SCO to jointly respond to the threat of international terrorist organizations." (End)