China News Service, September 24. According to the US "World Journal" report, in order to help New Yorkers who suffered heavy losses in the "Ada" hurricane, US Congressmen Meng Zhaowen and Asperk announced on the 22nd that they had successfully reported to the federal government. We won 11 billion relief funds to help the affected people rebuild their homes more quickly.

  Since the hurricane hit New York on the 1st, Meng Zhaowen and Asper have jointly written to the Appropriation Committee of the House of Representatives, requesting that the government allocate as much federal funds as possible to New York City when increasing federal funding and providing emergency relief bills. .

  "'Ada' has caused severe damage to the area where we live, and our residents need a lot of help." Meng Zhaowen said, "New York needs as much federal funds as possible to support us from the shadow of'Ada' Recovered; therefore, in addition to being approved for a'major disaster state', sufficient relief funds can support long-term home reconstruction. I am very grateful to Esper for being willing to work with me to fight for this financial assistance."

  Meng Zhaowen wrote a letter to President Biden on the 2nd, requesting approval for the area affected by Hurricane Ada in New York to enter the “major disaster state”; People who are covered by insurance can apply for FEMA relief funds to repair their houses, and obtain legal aid, unemployment subsidies, and post-disaster psychological counseling.

  "We have been investigating the damage caused by this hurricane in New York. It is clear that people need more fast and practical financial support." Esper said, "I am proud to be able to help obtain this much-needed funding so that our The community can be rebuilt from this natural disaster, and can be rebuilt better and stronger than ever before."

  Of the US$11 billion in federal relief this time, US$5 billion will be used for the Community Development Disaster Recovery Plan of the Federal Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to support large-scale disaster prevention projects and housing compensation; US$50 million will be used for FEMA emergency management grants to develop emergency assistance plans for future extreme weather events; US$2.6 billion for the City Department of Transportation (DOT) to support infrastructure renovation and street damage repairs caused by flooding; US$3 billion for USACE construction funds to support Existing construction projects and other projects that may be needed in the future.

(Zhang Xin)