Green Chancellor candidate Annalena Baerbock campaigned for an ecological awakening before the federal election this Sunday.

"This election is a climate election," said Baerbock during the end of her party's campaign on Friday in Düsseldorf in front of hundreds of listeners.

“This election is about everything,” said Baerbock.

The young demonstrators at the “Fridays for Future” rallies also demanded: “Come on, stop talking”.

Baerbock warned: "We can no longer afford anything by halves." What is needed now is a "federal climate government".

It is clear what needs to be done to combat global warming, said the Greens chairwoman.

Germany must get out of coal by 2030 at the latest, only allow “clean cars” and put a solar system on every roof.

"We have no problem of cognition, we have a problem of action." There is no more time to lose.

Otherwise it would be “priceless”.

"Then we can no longer get this climate crisis under control," said Baerbock.

The freedom of future generations is at risk.

“The climate crisis is no longer an eco-project.

It is the freedom task of our time. "

The co-chairman of the Greens, Robert Habeck, said in Düsseldorf: “We finally need politicians again who are looking for responsibility, who are ready to make mistakes, to take the risk, to take full risk.