A few days before the federal election on September 26, the SPD is still just ahead of the Union in the latest survey by the Allensbach Institute for Demoscopy on behalf of the FAZ.

After that, the CDU / CSU and their candidate for Chancellor Armin Laschet, as in the Allensbach survey two weeks ago, remain unchanged at 25 percent.

The SPD with its chancellor candidate Olaf Scholz loses one point and is now 26 percent.

The Greens with their candidate for Chancellor Annalena Baerbock have increased slightly by 0.5 points to 16 percent. The FDP wins by one point and comes to 10.5 percent. There are losses at the AfD, which falls from eleven to ten percent. The left also loses one point and only achieved five percent compared to the previous Allensbach survey. The proportion of other parties increases by 1.5 points to 7.5 percent. For the representative survey, 1554 people were interviewed orally and personally between September 16 and 23. 

In a survey by the polling institute Forsa, also published on Friday, the SPD was also just ahead of the Union.

There the SPD remained stable at 25 percent, while the CDU / CSU rose by one point to 22 percent.

The Greens got 17 percent, the FDP twelve percent.

The AfD reached ten percent and the left six percent at Forsa.

In a poll for the ZDF Politbarometer on Thursday, the research group Wahlen also saw the SPD as the strongest force ahead of the Union, with a slight lead on the Sunday question.

There, as with Forsa, the SPD got 25 percent, the Union did one point better there with 23 percent.

The Greens achieve 16.5 percent, the FDP eleven percent.

The AfD comes to ten, the left to six percent.