The EU = European Union has announced a policy to unify the terminals of chargers such as smartphones sold in the region to a standard called "USB type C" in order to reduce waste.

On the 23rd, the EU executive body, the European Commission, included unifying the standard of the terminal of the charger that plugs into electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, and headphones sold in the region to "USB type C". Announced the bill.

By unifying, the same charger can be used regardless of the manufacturer of the electronic device.

It also means that consumers will be able to choose not to buy a charger when they buy an electronic device.

The EU says that the unification of standards will save 250 million euros a year and 32 billion yen in Japanese yen, which will lead to a reduction of about 1000 tons of waste per year.

If the bill is passed, there will be a two-year transition period for the industry to respond.

However, Apple in the United States may be forced to change its product strategy because it adopts different standards for smartphones such as iPhone, and Reuters replied that Apple "suppresses technological innovation" I'm telling you that.