China News Service, September 24. According to British media reports, the newest British aircraft carrier "Prince of Wales", which is participating in NATO military exercises, "encountered" with the Russian warship "Morny". The "Prince of Wales" posted on its social media account. A photo of this "meeting" was posted on, but the post was quickly deleted.

The Royal Navy said it would not comment on this incident.

  According to the British "Portsmouth News" report, the "Prince of Wales" is worth 3.2 billion pounds and is a 65,000-ton super aircraft carrier. It is currently participating in the biennial "United Warriors" exercise.

  British media said that the "Prince of Wales" posted on its social media account on the 22nd to share news of the "encounter" with the Russian ship "Smolny", saying that it was "watching closely" the Russian training ship.

  The Russian "Smolny" weighs 7,270 tons and entered service in 1976. Its main role is to train future Russian sailors. 

  However, this photo does not clearly show the location of the "Smolny", nor does it show whether the Russian ship was within British territorial waters at the time of the "encounter".

This post was also quickly deleted by the Royal Navy.

  The Royal Navy said it would not comment on what is happening.

  However, a British spokeswoman said: "The Prince of Wales is participating in exercises at sea with 27 ships from nine other NATO countries. During the exercise, the Royal Navy and NATO will monitor and track nearby naval activities. ."

  As early as June this year, the Russian military had frictions with British warships participating in military exercises.

The Russian Ministry of Defense said on June 23 that the British Navy’s "Defender" destroyer crossed the Russian border during its activities in the northwestern Black Sea that day, and the Russian Black Sea Fleet and the Russian Federal Security Service were forced to fire and warn to drive it away.

The British Ministry of Defence issued a statement denying that the British warship was fired by Russia and stated that the ship was "passing through Ukrainian territorial waters harmlessly in accordance with international law."