In Överkalix municipality, eight elderly people have died in homes in the municipality, seven of them were vaccinated with two doses of covid-19.

- I know that they are now looking at this outbreak to see if there are any special circumstances around that can explain this, but I know no more details, says Malin Bengnér.

In Jönköping County, so far this autumn there have only been limited covid outbreaks at two nursing homes.

At present, for example, there are a total of five infected in two different nursing homes in Jönköping municipality, according to social director Stefan Österström.

- It is an increase compared to recent weeks and months, but considering that there are about 1500 homes in elderly care, there are still few, says Stefan Österström.

According to infection control doctor Malin Bengnér, the cases discovered in Jönköping County have most often come in through unvaccinated staff.

- That is why it is important to increase the proportion of staff who get vaccinated and we work with that all the time, she says.

A third dose of vaccine

According to social director Stefan Österström, the five who are currently ill in nursing homes in Jönköping are all double-vaccinated.

- But we know that the vaccine provides 90 percent protection, so there is a risk of infection anyway, he says.

The county's infection control doctor also emphasizes that it is important to look at figures from all over the country, and according to information from the Public Health Agency, it is not currently seen that the protection of the elderly is declining in any clear way.

At the same time, it is not known how long the effect of the vaccine lasts because they have only been used on a large scale for almost a year.

- It is something that is followed in real time.

It is likely that a refill dose will be needed sooner or later, but it must be given in the right position.

This is something that the Public Health Agency is now looking at and it can differ between different groups when it needs to be given, says Malin Bengnér.

In the clip, the infection control doctor tells when information about a third vaccine dose can come.