Rep. Shim Sang-jung, who is running for the presidential primary of the Justice Party, called for an investigation at the level of a special prosecutor, calling the Democratic Party presidential candidate Lee Jae-myung, the governor of Gyeonggi Province, "unconventional".

Rep. Shim Sang-jung held a press conference at the National Assembly today (23rd) and criticized "the whole process, from selecting a developer to the profit distribution structure, is very irrational", saying, "I have carefully watched the explanation of this governor."

He continued, "It is a development project near Pangyo New Town, which was called the 'jackpot lottery', so if astronomical profits were expected, but if they secured a certain amount and gave up on profit distribution beyond that, they were either completely incompetent, completely irresponsible, or otherwise, disputes about breach of trust would follow. "He set the day.

Assemblyman Shim asserted, "The Daejang-dong development project used the guise of public development, but it cannot avoid suspicion that the public neglected or sympathized with the huge unearned income of private developers."

He added, "The suspicion would not have arisen if the governor had pursued it in a public development method, or if the public-private partnership had pursued it, but shared the public's share in the distribution of ex-post profits in a common sense."

Rep. Shim emphasized the need to investigate the related matter, and pressured the governor to "show an attitude of active cooperation in any form of investigation."

He also said, "I also urge Prosecutor General Oh-su Kim."A special prosecutor should be appointed for a fair investigation, and a prompt and thorough investigation should be conducted.”

(Photo = Yonhap News)