A product trade fair hosted by the Chinese government and others was held in northeastern China, and North Korea also participated. It became a form showing the spread of the influence.

This trade fair is held once every two years in Changchun, Jilin Province, northeastern China, sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce of China, and companies from Japan, South Korea, and North Korea, which borders it, participated.

At the opening ceremony, a message from North Korea's foreign economic minister, Yun Jung-ho, was introduced. It is significant in strengthening such cooperation. "

On the other hand, although there was a photo panel of seasoning gochujang and ginseng liquor at the North Korean booth at the venue, the products were not exhibited and it was a smaller exhibition than before.

A North Korean representative who guided the booth told NHK that "I couldn't bring the items to be exhibited this time because of Corona, so I'm advertising them with photos and videos."

With North Korea blocking borders and restricting trade to combat infection, total trade with China last month was only about 12% of the same month before the spread of the infection, at trade fairs. The exhibition has become a form that shows the spread of these influences.