September 23, 2021

Is the fourth Chinese farmers harvest festival

General Secretary Xi Jinping

Attaches great importance to "agriculture, rural areas and farmers" work and food security

When investigating

"Fin" words and golden sentences frequently come out——

"Agriculture is the country, the country is the best country"

"Cultivated land is the lifeblood of food production"

"The Chinese want to take their jobs in their own hands

And you have to pack your own food"


Bailu early cold and late

It's time to plant wheat in the autumn equinox

my country's long history of farming civilization

In the new era is showing new charm and style

The hard work of hundreds of millions of farmers

Usher in the joy of a bumper harvest

I wish hundreds of millions of farmers all over the country

Happy Harvest Day!

  Director system丨Luo Hongbing

  Producer丨Ma Lijun

  Director丨Liu Yan

  Editing丨Su Tianna Liu Yan

  Sound Editor丨Chen Bingxiao

  Packaging丨Liu Pufei

  Coordinator丨Yang Bo Liu Xiao

  Music丨Xiamen Sixth Middle School Chorus "Dao Xiang"