Plant a Millet in Spring

Autumn harvest ten thousand seeds

Autumn is not only a beautiful season

It's also a harvest season

Image source: ICphoto

Today, September 23

Lunar Equinox

We ushered in the fourth Chinese Farmers Harvest Festival

Photo by Xin News Agency reporter He Penglei in the data map

Bent over the paddy

Fragrant branch fruit

China Land


Harvest is a colorful picture

Gold, yellow, red...

Each color represents the harvest

Photo by Yang Zongsheng

In Tengzhou, Shandong

Standing on the ground and looking around

The villagers are busy harvesting corn

Harvested corn or hung in front of the house

Or spread it on the ground

Bunches, piece by piece

Huang Chengcheng, Jin Cancan

Data map photo by Wang Jiang

In Yanbian, Jilin

The wind blows across the golden fields

Send bursts of fragrance

6,500 hectares of rice is in sight

Data map photo by Zhou Xingliang

In Tuokexun County, Xinjiang

The jujube trees in the jujube garden are neatly arranged

The red dates are all over the branches

A gust of wind

The rich scent is tangy

Data map photo by Hu Guokai

The harvest is a lively celebration

Southeast Guizhou

Compatriots of the Miao nationality in festive costumes

Singing and dancing in the rice fields

Traditional song and dance

Sacrificial blessing

Work hard to celebrate the harvest

Video screenshot

Huangshan in Anhui

The villagers will reap the fruits

Drying in the village drying yard

"Sun Autumn" folk custom that has been passed down for thousands of years

Show to everyone

Sharing the joy of harvest

Video screenshot

In Yancheng, Jiangsu

The fishermen ushered in the day of fishing

More than a thousand fishing vessels are ready to go

With a magnificent sailing ceremony

Sacrifice to the sea and pray for blessing

Source of data map image: IC photo

Chinese farmers

With hard work and hard work,

Less than 1/10 of the world's arable land

Feeding nearly 1/5 of the world's population

Image source: Visual China

After overcoming the impact of the epidemic and floods

The heavy harvest is more gratifying and uplifting

Photo by Xinshe reporter Liu Xin in the data map


Pay tribute to hundreds of millions of farmers

May every minute of hard work have a golden harvest!