A five-storey apartment building was the scene of a fire this Wednesday afternoon near the market of national interest (MIN) of Rouen.

Five people in the building had to be taken to the University Hospital Center (CHU in the city), reports France 3 Normandie.

A young woman, her mother and one of their relatives thus underwent respiratory tests.

Firefighters, rescuers and police on the scene

Two occupants of the upper floors were also taken to hospital.

The fire allegedly started in a room in the building on rue Charles-Besselièvre.

It required the intervention of 27 firefighters and eight of their vehicles.

The operations they carried out resulted in the disruption of traffic on the Astuce public transport network.

Police and SAMU teams were also mobilized.

"🔴The # Sdis76 firefighters intervene for a #fire 🔥 Rue Charles Besselièvre ROUEN.

Numerous emergency vehicles in transit. 🚒

Avoid the area and facilitate access to emergency services. ✖️ ⛔️ @ Prefet76 @ PoliceNat76 @ gendarmerie_076 @ VISOV1 @ WazeNormandie "pic.twitter.com/b4wOqYmmKq

- Firefighters 76 (@ Sdis76) September 22, 2021

During their intervention, the various emergency services used Twitter to alert the population of the situation there.

On the social network, the Departmental Fire and Rescue Service (SDIS) of Seine-Maritime in particular asked the people of Rouen to avoid the fire sector, not to overload the telephone lines of 18 and 112 and of reserve calls for emergencies.

Miscellaneous facts

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