They will all be there!

Budapest welcomes from this Thursday a "demographic summit", with in the guest list the sulphurous columnist Eric Zemmour, potential candidate for the French presidential election, while the Hungary of Viktor Orban wants to be a global haunt of the "illiberal" right .

Former US vice-president Mike Pence is also invited by the sovereignist leader, alongside heads of government of the region, bishops or academics.

This biennial seminar, which has existed since 2015, has the ambition to encourage the birth rate as opposed to the immigration solution rejected by Viktor Orban, one of the few in Europe to evoke the conspiracy theory of the great replacement.

This year, the debates will focus on the necessary reconciliation between birth control measures and sustainable development.

At the previous summit, the Hungarian Prime Minister had described the idea of ​​having fewer children as “stupid” and “unnatural” in order to save the climate on earth.

More isolated than ever

But more than the topics of discussion, the meeting this year has a particular political flavor. Because after the departure of US President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, to whom he was close, Viktor Orban presents himself more than ever as the last resort in the face of liberal thought in Western democracies. 

In power since 2010, he has never ceased to brandish his defense of a “Christian” Europe and often crosses swords with Brussels on migrants or the issue of homosexual people.

Slovenian head of government Janez Jansa, who currently holds the rotating EU presidency, as well as his Polish and Czech counterparts and Serbian President Aleksander Vucic, are due to take part in the debates.

Also announced at the Varkert Bazar, a magnificent building on the banks of the Danube, Romanian, Slovak and Latvian ministers, as well as various representatives from the Netherlands, Spain or Nigeria.

A vision of the world supported by Eric Zemmour

On the French side, the former member of the National Front (now RN) Marion Maréchal but especially Eric Zemmour, who maintains the vagueness on a possible candidacy in 2022, are expected in Budapest, where the polemicist should, according to his entourage, meet Viktor Orban in face-to-face on Friday. "I find that Viktor Orban has understood the evolution of the world (...) and defends the identity of his country and therefore that of Europe", explained Tuesday on the CNews channel the editorialist close to the far right identity.

Western nationalists and sovereignists have been praising a “Hungarian model” for years.

On the menu: refusal of the right to asylum, fight against sexual and gender minorities, birth policy, resistance to European "diktats" ... "Mr. Orban is right", believes Eric Zemmour, to prohibit as he has recently made the representation of homosexuality among those under 18 years old.

"LGBT activists do not have to go and do propaganda in primary schools," he says.

“In the name of the rule of law, we want to impose an ideological order.

(…) I find that deeply undemocratic, ”adds the columnist.

A champion of the American ultra-right

A fringe of the American right is likewise infatuated with the Hungarian leader.

Fox News commentator Tucker Carlson is full of praise for the Hungarian leader, whom he met in August, and for this "safe, orderly, pure" country where "crime is absent". Close to the American religious right, journalist Rob Dreher also stayed in Budapest this year, at the invitation of a conservative think tank close to Viktor Orban.

In the Hungarian press, he said he was "amazed by the courage of Viktor Orban and the way he mocks the opinion of Western Europe".

However, the Hungarian school would have its limits, according to analyst Gabor Gyori of the Policy Solutions think tank, firstly because it remains marginal.

If "the right wing of the Republicans goes to Mr. Orban", it is because it "has turned so much to the extreme right that it no longer finds allies among the conservatives in Europe", relativizes the researcher , “While the Hungarian Prime Minister welcomes them with open arms”.

This is why she turns a blind eye to subjects such as "corruption" or the way in which the Hungarian Prime Minister, accused by his detractors of authoritarian drift, "treats the media".


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