Prime Minister Suga left Haneda Airport on the evening of the 23rd to attend a summit meeting of four countries called Quad, with the United States, Australia and India.

Prior to this, Prime Minister Suga expressed his intention to further cooperate with the four countries in the fields of measures against the new coronavirus, important technologies, and climate change.

Prime Minister Suga will take a government plane to Haneda Airport for Washington, the capital of the United States, after 4 pm to attend the first meeting of the four countries of Quad-Japan, the United States, Australia, and India. I left.

Prior to this, Prime Minister Suga told reporters, "A meeting was held among the four countries on important issues such as the new coronavirus vaccine, new technologies, and climate change, and the free and open implementation of the Indo-Pacific was implemented. The purpose of this visit is to find a way. "

At the quad summit, Prime Minister Suga shared basic values ​​toward the realization of a "free and open Indo-Pacific" based on the rule of law, with China intensifying its supremacy. I would like to confirm the importance of cooperation.

They agreed to further cooperate on measures against the new coronavirus, including fair distribution of vaccines to developing countries, important technologies such as high-speed, large-capacity 5G and advanced biotechnology, and climate change measures. I want to do it.

In addition, Prime Minister Suga is coordinating to hold individual meetings with the leaders of the United States, Australia and India during his stay.