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A scene of US border patrols wielding a horse's reins like a whip while expelling Haitian refugees has sparked controversy.


Click The first search term is 'trading refugees' like cattle.

This video was filmed in the process of cracking down on an illegal Haiti refugee camp near the Del Rio Bridge in Texas, USA on the 19th.

Border patrol agents are riding on horses and holding leather reins to threaten refugees.

This is to stop refugees from coming up from the Rio Grande River to land, but when they drove their horses, the refugees, frightened by their horses, panicked and fled, then fell and fell into the river.

Foreign media analyzed that the controversy placed a political burden on the Joe Biden administration, who is struggling with the issue of illegal immigrants, saying, "The horse patrol officers forcibly drove and blocked the refugees like animals."

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security said it would launch an investigation into the incident and could take disciplinary action depending on the outcome.

Netizens commented, "Treatment of people as livestock... Anyway, this is not the case.", "The patrols can't tell the refugees to come quickly. They just did their duty."

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